We understand that you worry about leaving your children with someone else. We understand you worry about their safety and their well-being. We understand that you worry they may not get the education and attention that they need. We understand that finding quality service at an affordable price can be a challenge. We understand all of these things because our staff has experienced it. As parents, we struggled with finding a place we could leave our children with confidence.  


That is why Jace's Enrichment Center is focused on building trust with parents. We want you to be worry-free after you drop off your child, as you should! We provide an educational, nurturing, and safe environment in which your child is able to grow and learn! 

"We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future. "


-Franklin D. Roosevelt 

Check out what's coming up! Occasionally, Jace's Daycare will host fun days that would include things like pajama day, holiday events, field trips, and more. The calendar below will show all upcoming "fun days" so parents can look ahead and prepare for these days. Please check the site weekly to stay up-to-date.